Educational Courses

Introduction to modern systems of irrigation management

In this project, a series of educational courses have been designed by the assistance and cooperation of Economic Cooperation Organization of Germany and Water Management Industrial and Consultants Groupto meet the educational needs of Islamic Republic of Iran by to update and improve familiarity of the specialists in above-mentioned fieldss with the most recent technical knowledge and modern technology in irrigation management area.

The major goal of this educational course is transfer of know-how in using modern facilities in irrigation management as well as design, installation and utilization of those systems to “reduce water consumption” and “increase in production” of agricultural crops.
An educational program has been predicted as a part of the comprehensive plan; hence, after its full execution, the organizations, companies and agencies active in the irrigation affairs, related education centers, agricultural associations, specialized universities… could provide different educational syllabus in different regions and situations independently in order to gradually materialize and develop cultural, educational and executive goals of this project.

Therefore; and in another word, technical know-how transfer via this project could indirectly contribute to and help in protecting natural resources and assist in rural development in Iran; as well.

  • Management of drip irrigation systems planning
  • Electric valves systems and water distribution systems
  • Application of radio automatic systems in irrigation
  • Automatic filtration systems
  • Introducing dripper pipes

This education course has been designed based on the theoretical and practical approaches in following educational templates
1) The One-day education courses of specialized knowledge improvement for the experts and decision makers of governmental and non-governmental organizations
2) The 3-day Training of Teachers (TOT) course which is held for university faculty members, irrigation engineers and experts in educational and development areas. The whole aspects and scope of a subject in descriptive and analytical approach are presented and defined in this program and the entire educational contents designed in this area are shared with participants.
3) Holding QA sessions by adopting a fully interactive approach during and at the end of sessions of each educational course
4) Visiting the exhibition of technical and specialized equipment and facilities as one of the practical sections of the educational course
5) Paying visits to the proceeding practical projects based on the framework and general goals of the project and the special TOT Education project
6) Providing individual and group consultation services to interested persons in the sides of holding educational courses
The educational courses which are designed for the above-mentioned frameworks should in particular put in public access, the technical knowledge, the existing planning tools, the technologic solutions available in the market and the tested approaches. In this process, the experiences of Germany and other European countries have been incorporated in the courses by using the adopted approach, in which, alongside the several years of case study in different climate and soil conditions…. of different regions of Iran, along with the experiences gained from the recent projects will be presented as well.

7) The educational courses will be evaluated by using scientific methods in form of written and verbal questionnaires in scientific, educational and executive aspects.
8) At the end of each education course, the management will award a Certificate of Course to the participants.

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