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The Developpp Project of Iran

A step towards: less water consumption and more production

Based on the existing evidences and observations, in recent years, Iran has been one of the countries which has had greatly suffered from drastic water shortage in the recent years and has been included by the Resources Global Institute in the 24th place of the countries which have been threatened by and suffer from drought crisis.
The main reason in the emergency water situation in Iran is the loss of large amount of water through evaporation and in sum, those conditions have led to a significant decrease in underground water resources and intensified drought in the country.
Increase in population growth rate, urbanism, increase in the area of agricultural lands cultivation and increase inthe industrial production; too, have contributed to the more decrease in water resources.
Fortunately, the frequent warning of the Leader of Islamic Republic of Iranian the accreditation ceremony of the 12th President in 2017, and the serious and fundamental concerns shown by Dr. Hassan Rouhani, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran led to including the issue in the top priorities of the government’s program in the recent years. As an example, after the resolution of June 2013, at the order of the President, a specialized commission was held for saving Uremia Lake as this lake is constantly suffering from water stress and the President personally took charge of the project titled “Saving Urmia Lake.”
This mission is one of the goals pursued by “The Sixth Development Plan”, which will be implemented by the government during 2016 to 2021.
In Islamic Republic of Iran, the responsibility of providing modern irrigation management approaches has been assigned to the Ministry of Energy, which is in-charge of providing water to the farm; and, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, as in-charge of next stages including distribution and irrigation management.

Although, to this date, both ministries- Energy and Agriculture Jihad-have been rigorously trying to in addition of fulfilling their organizational responsibilities, collaborate in irrigation management as well, at the presidential order of Dr. Rouhani, a committee titled Water Committee has been held at the Presidency Headquarter. The committee members, in addition to the senior officials of the two ministries mentioned above, include specialized institutes and related universities which have been invited for collaboration and cooperation in coordinating and modernizing the substructure of waterinfrastructure of the country.
Iran uses methodological system in its irrigation technology for agriculture and based on the basic knowledge; while, a large portion of the irrigation systems are in urgent need of renewal.
In view of the above-mentioned subjects, by the collaboration and assistance of “Economic Cooperation Organization of Germany”, and the “Water Management Industrial and Consultants Group” a project titled Developpp has been designed and is under implementation in the template of planning and holding a series of the educational course based on the education needs of Islamic Republic of Iran. This plan has been designed and is under proceeding to familiarize the relevant groups to the technical know-how and the technologies related to irrigation management in the agriculture sector.
In this educational plan, in addition to improving the specialized knowledge in form of one-day course, a series of 3-day educational course of Instructor Training have been designed as well; thus, the knowledge and skills acquired by the Iranian colleaguesin the projectin future and subsequent years could be transferred to other individuals as well as the concerned and enthusiastic organizations.
Therefore, the goal in implementing this project is to improve and stabilize technical know-how of modern and efficient irrigation management in the agricultural sector of Islamic Republic of Iran and its gradual localization.
In another word, technical know-how transfer could support natural resources and rural development in Iran indirectly through this project.

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